Villa del Mar | Turks and Caicos

The intimate boutique hotel of Villa del Mar is a great place to soak up the good life – and one of the best values on the island. Enjoy the hotel’s highlight on nature and understated charm, just 90 seconds from the beach.


Today we are going to take a look at the Villa Del Mar. This small boutique hotel offers affordable luxury and is one of the best values on the island. Let’s look at the grounds. With two pools, a hot tub, a pool bar and outside grills Villa Del Mar is a great location for your next vacation. Let’s go checkout the beach. Villa Del Mar is not located directly on the beach, but it’s very close. In fact it’s only about 260 steps and you can be there in 90 seconds. Once on the beach a beach attendant will cater you for every need. Beach chairs, towels, umbrellas and water. He’ll even get you a drink from the bar. That concludes our tour of the Villa Del Mar. I’m Caribbean Clint.

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