The Sands One Bedroom | Turks and Caicos

The one bedroom suite at The Sands offers a spacious and vibrant living space with everything you need to make your Turks and Caicos getaway perfect. Relax completely here at the Sands.


Next we’ll take a look at the one bedroom suite at the Sands on Grace Bay. These units come in two different views: the garden view and the ocean view. Once inside you’ll notice the full kitchens and also each suite has its own washer and dryer. As we move to the living room you will notice modern furnishings with a Caribbean flair. All the suites have a screened in balcony, which makes the space a lot more useable so you can relax in the patio furniture. The master bedrooms always have access to the balcony, all have a king bed and an en-suite. That concludes our tour of the one bedroom suite. I’m Caribbean Clint.

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