The Sands at Grace Bay | Turks and Caicos

Welcome to your Caribbean dream getaway. The Sands at Grace Bay is a spectacular resort featuring beautifully appointed suites and the perfect combination of seclusion and sophistication. Located right on the world’s best beach, you’ll find rejuvenation and relaxation at The Sands.


Our next stop is the Sands on Grace Bay. Bellman: “Welcome to the Sands.” Clint:” Thank you.” Alright we are here. Let’s go inside and take a look. This four star resort was renovated in 2008 and is one of the best values on Grace Bay. It has rooms for every budget making it great for weddings and groups. Server: “Would you like a rum punch sir?” Clint:”Thank you very much.” Server:”You are welcome.” Let’s go take a look at the grounds. Here we are at one of the three pools at the Sands. With lush gardens and intricate pool system it is easy to find your private, little paradise. Let’s go take a look the beach. The staff provides drink and food service both by the pool and at the beach. Clint:”Thank you.” All this relaxing has made me hungry. Let’s go get some lunch from Hemingway’s. Hemingway’s located right on the beach, great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would recommend the lobster. Clint:”Mmmm thank you.” Server:”You’re welcome.” – Or the spinach and shrimp salad. Some of the amenities provided by the Sands are a hospitality lounge, an exercise room, computers and printer and all sorts of spa treatments. That concludes our tour of the Sands on Grace Bay. I’m Caribbean Clint. Clint:”Let’s take this out.”

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