Regent Palms | Turks and Caicos

One of Caribbean Clint’s favorite spots, this five star Turks and Caicos Resort has everything you are looking for in style, amenities, and luxury. Fabulous pool area, restaurant and lounge are just a few of its features.


The Regent Palms is a twelve acre tropical paradise surrounded by lushly landscaped gardens, directly on Grace Bay beach and the location of our next tour. As I arrive I receive a warm and friendly welcome. Server: “Welcome to the Regent Palms. Can I offer you a rum punch?” Clint: “Yes, thank you.” The open-air lobby exudes the casual elegance and personalized service the Regent Palms has become known for. Manager: ” Welcome back Mr. Clint. Your room is ready and this way for you.” All check-ins are done directly in the room ensuring your stay starts as soon as you arrive, wasting little of your precious time. From the lobby you will find a carefully selected group of boutiques and a sundry shop. You will also find the kids club, tennis courts and a croquet lawn. The buildings that house the estate residence are constructed from hand-cut coral stone. The Regent Spa is the spiritual heart of the resort. This twenty-six-thousand square foot spa has a gift shop, fitness centre, treatment rooms and a tranquil reflection pool. You can also find Yoga and Pilates classes in the yoga studio. For more information please watch my separate video on the Regent Spa. Laying at the centre of the guest suites is the serpentine infinity pool. Wooden decks, an island hot tub and sun pods are a few of the features that make this experience so special. My personal favorite is the frozen fruit on the stick and the cold towels served around the pool each afternoon. Clint: “Thanks you.” The Plunge pool bar serves lunch daily in relaxed, casual atmosphere. Enjoy lunch by the pool, at the swim up bar or directly on the beach in your cabana. Today for lunch I am having the jerk chicken panini and the Regent Palms signature drink the Palm d’Or. Clint: “Thank you.” The other restaurant located on the property is Parallel23. This restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner. For dinner Parallel23 is one of the finest restaurants on the island. The state at the art open concept kitchen, wood-burning oven, extensive wine list and entertainment a few nights a week top off the experience in this casual, elegant setting. We can’t forget the beach. Being situated on the world’s number one beach, truly compliments this world-class property. The Regent Palms also offers complimentary non-motorized watersports. I’m now in my room and check-in is complete. I can now start to relax and enjoy my stay at the Regent Palms for a few days. Sadly this is the end of our tour of the Regent Palms in Turks and Caicos. I am Caribbean Clint!

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