Regent Palms Spa | Turks and Caicos

Definitely one of the best spas in the entire Caribbean, the Regent Spa not only have an extensive array of treatments but also offers many different classes such as core-strengthening, Pilates, and Yoga.


Today we take a look at one of the best spas in Turks and Caicos: The Regent Spa. This 26,000 square-foot spa is the spiritual heart of the resort. Clint: “Hi Jane.” Jane: “How are you Mr. Clint?” Clint: “I’m good. I am here for my 60 minute Swedish massage with Jessica.” Jane: “Ok, here is your locker key and enjoy your treatment.” Clint: “Thank you.” Jane: “You are welcome.” I arrived early enough that I can enjoy a nice steam room, sauna or outdoor shower before my treatment. As I wait for my treatment I enjoy the beautiful, tranquil reflection pool. The treatment rooms are standalone and surrounded by water. Two spa suites are available for couples massage, creating an extraordinary experience. Many of the treatments available at the Regent Spa are also available to be taken in the privacy of your own room. This 26,000 square foot spa has a gift shop, fitness centre and a tranquil, reflection pool. You can also find yoga and Pilates classes in the yoga studio. And that concludes our tour of the Regent Spa in Turks and Caicos. I am Caribbean Clint!

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