Parrot Cay Shambhala Spa | Turks and Caicos

The Shambhala Spa on your own private island at Parrot Cay is a sanctuary within a sanctuary, a zone of bliss and peace where rejuvenation and relaxation naturally occurs. The holistic therapies at the spa help you to be at one with it all as you marinate in the massage techniques and healing ambience. Perched among the treetops, the Asian-inspired treatments radiate positive energy and total nurturing (and pampering) of your self.


The Como Shambala Retreat where the mind, body and soul are rejuvenated holistically. Today we are taking a tour of this retreat and giving you a taste of its invigorating experience. Today I’m having their signature treatment the Como Shambala massage. It is recommended you arrive at least 15min early so you can relax or enjoy the Jacuzzi or steam room. Therapist: “Good morning. Are you Mr. Clint?” Clint: “Yes.” I just finished my spa treatment and it was wonderful. Now we are going to go take a look at the yoga pavilion, which offers daily yoga and Pilates classes. The spa cottage can be reserved for your own private occasion such as a honeymoon or just a romantic evening for two. And that concludes our tour of the Como Shambala Retreat. I am Caribbean Clint.

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