Kamique Villas | Anguilla

Welcome to paradise. The Kamique Villas are breathtakingly gorgeous getaways on the exclusive island of Anguilla, where the high style blends organically with the undulating landscape. Experience pure bliss with your own private powdery beach, infiniti pool, and all the amenities you could want in this phenomenal villa of unparalleled luxury. The mind-blowing views of the technicolor reefs and St. Maarten will have you completely laid back and energized with the finest in Caribbean living.


On the south shores of Anguilla, overlooking the mountains of St Maarten, you will find Kamique Villas. The two- and four-bedroom Anni and Aquamarie and the six-bedroom Triton are designed in modern island inspired decor, blending both inside and outside living. The spacious villas have all of the luxuries and conveniences you desire including a media room, beautiful views, and a private pool. Beautiful landscaped grounds and path lead down to the water, where you will find excellent conditions for snorkeling and swimming. And that concludes our tour of the Villas at Kamique, I’m Caribbean Clint.

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