Exhale Mindbody Spa at Gansevoort | Turks and Caicos

The Gansevoort Turks and Caicos is home to the award winning, highly relaxing, Exhale Mindbody Spa. The Spa features many different unique types of body therapies such as Body Enlightening and the Provo Flow massage, which is one of my favorites.


We are at Exhale Mindbody Spa. I love a day at the spa!
Hello, Welcome to Exhale. Thank you.
Today I have decided to get the Pure Pedicure and the Exhale signature massage, the Provo Deep Flow. At Exhale, everything is meant to be transformative and healing, connecting the breath to the mind and body.
Right this way Mr Clint.
I am waiting in the relaxation garden, what a perfect place to exhale and prepare for my therapy. Exhale also offers Mindbody classes such as the exclusive core fusion and core fusion yoga.
The outdoor shower is a perfect way to complete any of the fantastic therapies at Exhale Mindbody Spa.
This concludes our tour, I’m Caribbean Clint.
We are ready for you now Mr. Clint

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